Vape replacement coils are an essential part of your vaping rig. Coils for vape units are what supply the necessary heat to create vapor from e-juices. You should change the mod coils in your device every two to three weeks depending on how often you vape. A sign that you need new coils is a burnt, bitter taste and less vapor volume. You're in luck if you need these items, because City Vape has many vape coils for sale. We also have replacement atomizers. You can purchase coils for specific units like the Aspire Breeze Replacement Coil Pack, or you can buy generic coils that will work in many types of atomizers. Coils typically come in packs of five for economy and convenience. Coils are available in different architectures. There are stainless steel coils and coils made of titanium and other materials. The right coil for you depends on the mod you use and the amount of vapor you want to produce. Flavor is also a factor when choosing the right coil.

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